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Altherm Windows, Doors and Glass brochures

Altherm Windows & Doors

A comprehensive brochure that showcases all products in the Altherm range.

Entrance Doors

New Zealand’s largest range of entrance doors. The defining feature of your home.

Klima Series

Klima Series is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions, based on premium Northern Hemisphere design.

AGP - State of the art glass

New Zealand's leading double-glazing technology


Choosing a colour for your windows and doors requires careful thought to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Colour selection may be influenced by your home’s cladding and interior colour schemes. The window colour may complement the cladding colour, with tones a few shades up or down, or contrasting joinery colours may be popular, especially darker natural tones and silver.


Powdercoating is the most popular surface finish and offers a huge range of colour options that cater for buildings in all locations. Our popular colour range includes 35 colours that are also available to colour-match your hardware to the joinery.

Note: when you are choosing your aluminium joinery colour, always assess the colour in natural light using an aluminium colour swatch.

Popular colours

The colours shown are an onscreen guide only and no guarantee can be given that they will be an exact colour match for the finished product. View our physical swatches for an exact match.

Duralloy +PLUS

Appliance White Matt* 20S1364M

Arctic White Matt* 20S1358M

Black Matt* 20S9041M

Canvas Cloth Matt* 20S7830M

Charcoal Matt* 20S9219M

Flax Pod Matt* 20S9218M

Ghost Grey Matt* 20S7829M

Gravel Matt* 20S7824M

Grey Friars Matt* 20S7809M

Ironsand Matt* 20S8383M

Karaka Matt* 20S6446M

Metro Coal Dust Matt* 20S7807M

Metro Electric Cow Matt* 21P8395M

Mist Green Matt* 20S6475M

New Denim Blue Matt* 20S5392M

O’Keefe Grey Matt* 20S7868M

Off White Matt* 20S3240M

Palladium Silver Matt* 21P7136M

Permanent Green Matt* 20S6540M

Sandstone Grey Matt* 20S7807M

Scoria Matt* 20S4382M

Silver Pearl Matt* 21P7831M

Slate Blue Matt* 20S5403M

Titania Matt* 20S2249M

Warm White Pearl Matt* 21P1367M

Window Bronze Matt* 21P8394M

Windsor Grey Matt* 20S7823M


Protexture Appliance White Flat* 20T1274F

Protexture Arctic White Flat* 20T1342F

Protexture Black Flat* 20T9215F

Protexture Charcoal Flat* 20T9081F

Protexture Flaxpod Flat* 20T9225F

Protexture Grey Friars Flat 20T7167F

Protexture Ironsand Flat* 20T8406F

Protexture Metro Silver Pearl Flat* 21T7852F

Protexture Sandstone Grey Flat* 20T7156F

Protexture Titania Flat* 20T2068F

Protexture Warm White Pearl* 21T2075F

Protexture Windsor Grey Flat* 20T7590F

* Also available in Duratec®. Refer to Dulux® for Duratec® colour codes.
® Dulux, Duralloy, Duratec and Metropolis are registered trade marks of Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings. We use Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings.


Anodised finishing is a highly popular choice for architectural projects, and is a durable and colour fast technology that offers an alternative to powdercoating. Altherm offers matt 'frost' finish as standard.

As for colours and film thicknesses, there are plenty of options: Silver, in 12 and 25 microns. Bronze in light, medium or dark, 12 and 25 microns. Black, 25 microns only. Champagne, in 25 microns only. 

For properties in coastal, industrial or other corrosive environments, 25 microns is recommended, and may even be required to qualify for a warranty. (Note: the anodised coating has a 10-year warranty for 12 micron anodising, and 20 years for 25 microns.)

Note: when you are choosing your aluminium joinery colour, always assess the colour in natural light using an aluminium colour swatch. We are able to provide you with the colour swatch samples upon request.

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